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Concertina Lessons From OAIM

A reed instrument, the concertina is one of the most expansive and robust melodic characters of Irish Music. Its chromatic sound, like that of the accordion, ‘bellows’ a crescendo of interspersing notes. Yet, mastering the intricacies of its harmonic structure is easier said than done. Our detailed and simple-to-understand concertina lessons are unparalleled in enhancing your musical development. Learn how to tame and tease its bellows, with the help of our tutors and courses designed to give you the direction to embrace one of Ireland’s most-characteristic instruments.

At OAIM we have two courses in basics/foundations and three in progressions/advanced. One each is given by Edel Fox, of Milltown Malbay, and Ernestine Healy from Co. Mayo and Liam O'Brien, also from Milltown Malbay teaches 'Concertina Progressions.  All are revered exponents of traditional concertina playing today. 

OAIM Concertina Courses

Concertina Basics

This course is designed to equip the beginner with all the rudiments necessary to play Irish music on the concertina. How to hold the instrument, proper hand / finger posture, the use of the air button and alternate fingering are all important fundamentals that will be addressed in the early lessons. There will be a progressive study of scales, ornamentation, use of chords and octave playing throughout the eighteen lessons. The 'Concertina Basics' course will equip the beginner with the necessary rudiments to begin a journey down the long and adventurous road of Irish concertina playing. By the end of [.. Read More]

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Concertina Foundations

Concertina foundations is a course aimed at the player who already knows how to play the concertina but who wants to learn or improve on the basic foundations of concertina playing. These foundations include the use of alternate fingering patterns, basic grace-notes, an introduction to chords, double noting and variation. Most of the tunes taught in the course are picked from the repertoire of common session tunes enabling the learning concertina player to go to local music sessions and join in with confidence knowing that he/she will have tunes in common with other musicians. Each lesson will feature a new [.. Read More]

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Edel's Concertina Skills

Concertina Skills is aimed at the more experienced Concertina learner. Thirteen tunes are examined throughout the course with each focusing on specific techniques that are discussed, demonstrated and developed throughout the lessons. These techniques include the playing of strong, percussive rolls, the subtle use of the air button / bellow control, cuts, consecutive triplets and becoming familiar with the lesser used buttons on concertina. The course will help learners develop skills on the concertina that are transferable to tunes already featuring in the learners repertoire and to any future tunes acquired. Notation is provided as well as downloadable mp3's of [.. Read More]

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Concertina Progressions

Concertina progressions is a course aimed at the player who already knows the basics and foundations of concertina playing but who wants to progress with their  ornamentation, repertoire and chording skills.  The course is taught by Liam O’Brien and consists of thirteen lessons; each lesson features a new tune.   Most of the tunes taught have links to Liam’s hometown of Milltown Malbay, Co. Clare, which is where uilleann piper Willie Clancy also came from, and is the location of one of Ireland’s largest traditional music festivals.  The repertoire of  Willie Clancy features throughout the course.   In the first three [.. Read More]

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