Physically based in West Co. Clare, The Online Academy of Irish Music (OAIM) is a new and unique platform for providing quality Irish musical tuition on a global scale. The teaching is transmitted directly from some of Ireland's most experienced performers and tutors to any location in the world. To take a course at OAIM is to engage with the Irish tradition in a new and innovative way. By enrolling in a class, you will be learning music in the Irish tradition using the materials and skills to hand today; computers, the internet, the expertise of some of the best teachers of Irish music and of course your own developing talent on your chosen instrument. OAIM uses the powers of the internet to deliver tutorials from leading musicians that combine video, audio, manuscripts and text. At OAIM, students from all over the world converge to access Irish music tuition, discuss their lessons and progress, and meet with one and other in the classroom chat forums. When you join OAIM, you are joining a rapidly growing, worldwide, community of Irish music learners. Although based on the western seaboard of Ireland, our online community stretches to all corners of the globe.