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Irish people have always been singing and our song tradition is rich and diverse. The songs tell stories of the people and deal with an array of events and emotions. Lots of our songs are of unrequited love, of local tragedies, local heroes, foreign oppressors and yet others have a sacred connection. The Irish sean-nos tradition holds the staple of our Gaelic singing tradition but over the past couple of hundred years a rich English-language song tradition has also come to prominence.  If the nuances and stylistic elements of the Irish singing tradition interests you then check out of traditional song course at OAIM presented by Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh. Muireann was a member of the supergroup Danu and is also an accomplished flute player. She sings a range of songs both in the English and Irish languages.  An Irish language song course will be coming soon!

OAIM Song Courses

Irish Song Technique

Most of the repertoire taught in this twelve lesson course is from the Irish singing tradition. A few Scottish and English songs will also feature. There will be a mixture of well known and more unusual songs. Themes will include songs of emigration and exile, love songs and humorous songs. Along with the teaching of the songs, attention will also be paid to the following aspects of vocal technique: tone, breathing, ornamentation, phrasing and the improvement of vocal strength and range. By the end of the course, the student will have developed a broad and varied repertoire of Irish folk [.. Read More]

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Songs in Irish Gaelic

Songs in the Irish language are beautiful to listen to, however it is a challenge for anyone to access these songs, unless they have a good understanding of the Gaelic language.  In her course ‘Songs in Irish Gaelic’, Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh makes these  songs  more accessible to both the Irish learner and the non Irish speaker.   She gives background information for each of the songs before breaking down the pronunciation of each phrase slowly. She then puts the melody to the words and gives expert advice on ornamentation, phrasing, breathing and other singing techniques.  This course is not only fantastic for music learners but also [.. Read More]

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