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Bodhrán Lessons From OAIM

An apparently-simple percussion instrument, the Bodhrán is one of the most recognisable Irish musical instruments around. In the right hands, its goatskin hide provides definitive, strong and enchanting rhythms as the musician expertly tinkers its pitch and timbre. But mastering this traditional drum is no easy feat. Our online Bodhrán courses will provide you with the skill set and know-how to quickly master your Bodhrán. With our online Bodhrán lessons, our tutor will show you how to hold and handle your Bodhrán as well as demonstrate the techniques and ‘tippers’ to create a variety of beats and tempos.

OAIM Bodhrán Courses

Bodhrán Basics

This course is designed to equip the beginner with all the rudiments necessary to tastefully accompany traditional Irish music. The tutor will patiently guide you from holding the stick and the drum, and learning the basic stroke, right through to sophisticated patterns on the drum, step by step. The emphasis in this course is on technique. The tutor equips you with the rudiments you will need to develop your own style of playing. You will also learn fail proof techniques to differentiate between reels and jigs and how to follow the structure of a set of tunes in your playing. [.. Read More]

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Bodhrán Technique

In this course 'Bodhrán Technique', maestro percussionist Jim Higgins presents a range of rhythmical accompaniments to cover a variety of tune types - Reels, Jigs, Slipjigs, Slides, Polkas and Hornpipes. Over the course of the13 tutorials, Jim discusses and demonstrates many techniques that the learner Bodhrán player can add to his palette of techniques - rolls, backhand motion, the use of syncopation, the 'Bo Diddley Beat', and rim techniques to name but a few. As a drummer, he frequently discusses how to apply what can be done on a drum kit to the Bodhrán. The video tutorials are in a [.. Read More]

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