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Bouzouki Lessons From OAIM

The bouzouki is a relative newcomer to Irish music having been imported from the Greek tradition during the 1960s.  The bouzouki is seldom used as a melody instrument and has found its place in the accompaniment section of Irish traditional music. It is often a preferred method of accompaniment to the guitar, harp and piano as its distinctive sound is very appealing. It is quite versatile harmonically and different approaches to playing are constantly being developed.  Billy McGlynn is a well accomplished Irish bouzouki player and his two courses at OAIM work from the ground up. The beginners course will give any aspiring bouzouki player the necessary foundation for Irish accompaniment and the intermediate course is a great follow-up to this. 

OAIM Bouzouki Courses

Bouzouki Basics

The aim of this course is to learn how to accompany Irish music on the bouzouki.   Chords and chord structures, strumming patterns and fingerpicking, counter melody and rhythm will all be examined throughout the course of the twelve lessons. Students will become familiar with the ideaology behind traditional Irish music accompaniment: the role of the accompanist in duo or group playing and good session etiquette. Emphasis will be mainly on accompaniment, however counter melody will form an important part of the program. Students who complete this course will have a firm grounding in accompanying Irish music on the bouzouki. [.. Read More]

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Bouzouki Basics #2

This course is a continuation of Billy's previous series of lessons: 'Bouzouki Accompaniment'.  Billy continues his study on how to accompany Irish music on the bouzouki.  He uses five tunes to demonstrate how to incorporate the  techniques previously covered into actual tune accompaniment. These include:  the use of appropriate chord structures, strumming patterns, fingerpicking, counter melody and rhythm.  By the end of this course of five lessons, the bouzouki student will have a firm grounding in accompanying Irish music on the bouzouki. [.. Read More]

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