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Harp Lessons From OAIM

The harping tradition in Ireland is a very ancient one, and indeed the image of the harp is today the national symbol of the country.  

Multi-instrumentalist and singer Lisa Canny teaches the harp at OAIM, and her two courses ‘Irish Harp Basics’ and 'Irish Harp Technique' focus on all of the technique relevant to the aspiring Harpist.   In her first course, Lisa will examine the very basics of harp playing, such as how to tune the harp, how to use the blades, correct finger positioning and scales, before introducing simple tunes, with left hand accompaniment.  Throughout the thirty lessons the right hand melody is taught separately to the left hand accompaniment giving the student the choice to play these parts separately, or work in time to putting them both together.  These courses are a fantasic choice for both the beginner harpist and the intermediate harpist who wishes to brush up on the basics!

OAIM Harp Courses

Harp Technique

In this course Lisa teachers twelve tunes specifically chosen to help improve and master different techniques on the harp. She examines and demonstrates fundamental techniques such as placing, fingering and hand position through to more complex ones such as ornamentation, variation and the dampening of the strings. Jigs, Reels, Waltz, Slip Jigs. Barndances, Flings, Polkas and an Air are all included, covering a wide spectrum of tune types that are appropriate to various levels of playing and that cover a wide variety of techniques. In each class Lisa will typically teach the tune phrase by phrase, the right hand on [.. Read More]

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Harp Basics

In this course Lisa Canny clearly guides the novice harp player through the basics of the instrument.  The first six lessons focus on the basics; how to tune the harp, using the blades, correct finger positioning and scales, and a couple of simple tunes. When the learner is comfortable with the basics they can progress to lessons 7 - 18 where Lisa teaches six harp classics including Brian Boru’s March, My Lagan Love, Planxty Irwin’s,  The Mother and Child Reel, The Little Diamond Polka, and The Rocky Road to Dublin. The right hand melody is taught separately to the left [.. Read More]

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