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Piano Lessons From OAIM

Similar to the guitar, the piano finds its place within the accompaniment realm of Irish traditional music. It is true that top class accompanists have demonstrated an equal ability in the playing of the traditional melodies.   At OAIM we have two piano courses for the aspiring piano accompanist. They are both given by a young, talented piano player called Stephen Markham and cater for both the intermediate and advanced student.

OAIM Piano Courses

Irish Piano Foundations - Melody & Accompaniment

Irish Piano Foundations is a course aimed at the player who can already play the piano but who wishes to learn or improve on the primary foundations of playing and accompanying Irish music on the piano. These foundations include: · Right hand melody - Ornamentation, Fingering, Variation and Rhythm · Left Hand Accompaniment - Chord progression, Rhythm and Voicing The course consists of twelve lessons featuring nine tunes with right hand melody and left hand accompaniment. Piano accompaniment is also taught for four of these tunes. Most of the tunes taught in this course are well known allowing the piano [.. Read More]

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Irish Piano Tunes and Accompaniment

This course is for the intermediate to advanced piano player and suits those that already play traditional music as well as those who want to branch into this music genre. Combining melodic tune playing and accompaniment, the primary aim of this course is to introduce the player to a variety of different traditional tune types as well as how to accompany the tunes taught when playing with others. This course will develop tune repertoire, ornamentation and left hand accompaniment for melody playing. As the piano has the versatility to be both a melodic and accompaniment instrument, the second focus of [.. Read More]

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