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Button Accordion Lessons From OAIM

We have two courses at OAIM for aspiring accordionists. Derek Hickey gives you all the basics and Daire Mulhern provides intermediate fundamentals for the progressing student. Both programmes focus on the B/C fingering system.

OAIM Button Accordion Courses

B/C Accordion Basics

This course offers the budding accordionist the opportunity to learn from one of the greatest accordionists in the Irish tradition today - Derek Hickey. It is suitable for the absolute beginner. Derek begins by teaching the basics of the instrument then moves onto teaching tunes and ornamentation. This course is not solely for the beginner; it also has a lot to offer the more advanced learner as it features an excellent choice of tunes that sit especially well on the button accordion. In each lesson he plays the tune at two different tempos - slowly for the beginners and at [.. Read More]

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B/C Accordion Foundations

This course is suitable for those who already have a basic understanding of the accordion. If you are familiar with the scales of C major, D major and G major, and already have a few tunes learnt in the Irish traditional style, then this is the course for you! Various types of tunes will be covered throughout the course: Polkas, Slides, Slip- Jigs, Jigs, Hornpipes and Reels- all of which are popular, well known, session tunes. The first half of Dáire's course also introduces basic ornamentation skills - cuts and grace-notes, triplets and rolls. The second half focuses on variation [.. Read More]

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