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Mandolin Lessons From OAIM

If you’re learning to play the mandolin, or looking for mandolin lessons online to help you refine your skills, look no further than the Online Academy of Irish Music. Under expert and professional tuition, we cover everything from the basics to advanced techniques that will help you master your mandolin. Coming from the lute family, the mandolin possesses four courses of double strings that give the instrument its rhythmic strumming patterns. In our lessons, you will learn all there is to know about one of Ireland’s most recognisable and traditional musical instruments. From learning how to hold your mandolin and finger posture, to tuning, scale structures and strumming patterns, over the course of these lessons, our experienced tutor will demonstrate the basics of learning the Mandolin. With each video lesson available online, you can take control and learn at a speed and time that suits you.



OAIM Mandolin Courses

Mandolin Basics

This course is aimed at the absolute beginner mandolin player. It begins with a series of six free lessons then progresses through to the twelve main subscription lessons. How to hold the instrument, proper hand / finger posture and good basic technique are all important fundaments that will be addressed in the early lessons. There will be a progressive study of scales, plectrum motions, and ornamentation throughout the series of lessons. The 'Mandolin Basics' course will equip the beginner player with the necessary rudiments to journey along the adventurous road of Irish music making. By the end of the course, [.. Read More]

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Mandolin Progressions

Mandolin Progressions, taught by Paddy Cummins, is designed to follow on from Mandolin Basics.  The aim of the course is to take the Mandolin player who already has a few simple tunes up their sleeve to the next level of playing.  Focus will be placed on slightly more challenging techniques: triplets, hammer-on techniques, pull-offs, flicks, cuts, slides, variation and the use of moveable chords.   Paddy will teach some tunes in more challenging keys as the mastering of complex finger shapes will mould the player into a more flexible musician.  He will also present a tutorial on the well known Slow [.. Read More]

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