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Tin Whistle Lessons From OAIM

Learn how to play the penny whistle with OAIM’s step by step tin whistle lessons & courses. We cater for beginners right up to the more advanced player. Learning is faster and more fun with our play along Irish session learning tools -  Jam Session & VR Irish Pub Sessions. Follow a time honoured proven system to speed up your tin whistle progress. Learn from world class Irish musicians in the comfort of your own home. Check out the different courses we offer below, then create an account (many free lessons available) and start the mastery of your tin whistle today!

OAIM Tin Whistle Courses

Tin Whistle Basics

This course is aimed at the absolute beginner whistle player. By the end of the course, the learner will have a repertoire of seventeen popular Irish session tunes, the ability to play cuts, taps and rolls as well as a deeper understanding of the Irish music tradition. Tin whistle Basics is an excellent starting point for any aspiring Irish musician.  Your tutor Kirsten Allstaff will guide you every step of the way. First, you will learn how to hold the instrument, proper hand [.. Read More]

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Tin Whistle Foundations

The course 'Tin Whistle Foundations' is a continuation from Kirsten's last course 'Whistle Basics'. In it she explores simple tin- whistle embellishments such as the cut, tap, roll and the slide. Emphasis is placed on breathing, phrasing, variation and rhythm throughout the thirteen taught tunes. Jigs, Slides, Reels, Hornpipes, Barndances and an O'Carolan composition are all featured. In the videos, Kirsten teaches each tune slowly, phrase by phrase and recommends that students learn with her this way, by ear. The sheet notation for each tune is also included as a learning supplement for the tutorials. By the end of the [.. Read More]

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Expert Whistle Skills #1

The aim of this course is to discover and enhance the learner's own playing style, and to increase their confidence through learning and incorporating a wide range of ornaments, variations and other advanced stylistic features such as crans, trills, slides, and tonguing in their playing. The learner will discover new ways of adding texture and colour to a carefully selected repertoire of challenging jigs, slip jigs, reels, and hornpipes which are learnt by ear (transcriptions are also provided) Importantly, the learner is given the tools to transfer these newly acquired skills to tunes which they already have in their repertoire. [.. Read More]

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Expert Whistle Skills #2

Expert Whistle Skills 2 is designed to follow on from the original Expert Whistle Skills. In this course Thomas continues to explore more advanced whistle techniques such as the trill, vibrato, different types of rolls and tonguing technique. Emphasis is also placed on variation in ornamentation, phrasing, melody and rhythm. Although aimed at the advanced player, this course has much to offer the less experienced player also. Notation is provided as well as mp3's of the tune played slowly. Importantly, the learner is given the tools to transfer these new acquired skills to tunes which they already have in their [.. Read More]

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Expert Whistle Skills #3

This course is an abundant study of technique, packed with bounces, cranns, rolls, double rolls, trills, backward stitches, open backward stitches, backward rolls and triplets! It is not only for the whistler but is relevant to the flautist and the piper too. Throughout the series of nine lessons, Mikie largely focuses on the repertoire of Seamus Ennis, the great Irish piper, singer and folk collector (1919-1982). The beauty of Mikie's classes is that they are relevant for ANY level of playing. He teaches the bare melody of each tune slowly, phrase by phrase before giving a lesson on advanced technique [.. Read More]

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Easy Tin Whistle Session Tunes

Due to popular demand, Easy Tin Whistle Session Tunes has been created as a companion and follow-on course to our most popular course here on OAIM: Tin Whistle Basics. Easy Tin Whistle Session Tunes consists of 15 easy and popular Irish Session tunes, 8 reels and 7 jigs, that you can easily master with little effort under the expert guidance of master whistler, Kirsten Allstaff. [.. Read More]

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Foreign Language Course's in Tin Whistle

Tin Whistle-Grundkurs

Dieser Kurs richtet sich an Anfänger auf der Tin Whistle. Die ersten sechs Lektionen sind kostenlos, darauf folgen die elf Hauptlektionen, die abonniert werden können. Wichtige Grundlagen, zum Beispiel, wie man die Flöte hält, die richtige Hand- und Fingerstellung und eine gute Grundtechnik, werden in den ersten Lektionen vermittelt. Während des ganzen Kurses werden Tonleitern, Verzierungen und die Artikulation schrittweise und mit entsprechenden Übungen erarbeitet. Der Grundkurs rüstet angehende Whistler und Whistlerinnen mit den erforderlichen Grundlagen für die lange und abenteuerliche Reise durch die traditionelle irische Whistlemusik aus. Am Ende des Kurses verfügen die Teilnehmenden über ein Repertoire von siebzehn [.. Read More]

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Cours Debutants de Tin Whistle en Francais

Le cours est proposé sous forme de leçons. La première leçon du cours est gratuite. Les douze leçons suivantes sont incluses avec la souscription. Ensemble nous découvrons l'instrument: la position des mains, le doigté, la gamme de base, l'octave, comment séparer les notes, les ornementations de base. D'une maniére progressive, nous couvrons les éléments essentiels nécessaire pour commencer votre voyage musical en tant que joueur de tin whistle. Dans chaque leçon nous apprenons un morceau et couvrons la/les difficultés techniques qu'il présente en détail. A la fin du cours vous aurez donc appris douze morceaux populaires du répertoire de musique [.. Read More]

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