Guitar Technique (Accompaniment)

This course builds beautifully on Cillian’s previous course ‘Guitar Progressions’ and takes the art of accompaniment to a whole new level. A knowledge of how to play Guitar in standard tuning is a prerequisite. Cillian chooses a selection of well known tunes from the Irish tradition to demonstrate styles and techniques that focus on a variety of rhythms, keys and modes. He skilfully borrows from other genres to spice things up: Calypso rhythms, James Brown, Niall Rodgers, Pachabel’s Canon, and other popular pop riffs all make appearances and contribute to the master accompanist’s repertoire.  Cillian also examines single string accompaniment, dampening and dead strum techniques and the use of more ‘jazzy’ chords.  The Boys of Bluehill, The Rights of Man,The Connacht Man's Rambles, The Cliffs of Moher, Tamlin and the Silver Spear are all well known tunes that are featured.  Each lesson is accompanied with practice mp3’s of the melody and PDF’s of chord structures and shapes.  This course is a must for those serious about developing an extensive repertoire of guitar skills in general, and more specifically for those wishing to become a master accompanist.



The Silver Spear

Guitar Technique (Accompaniment) Lesson 1

D Major | Level 3 | Accompaniment

Grounding Rhythms and Basic Chord Patterns with a Twist


The Cliffs of Moher

Guitar Technique (Accompaniment) Lesson 2

A Minor | Level 3 | Accompaniment

Moveable Chords, Dampening and Advanced Chordal Structures


The Tamlin

Guitar Technique (Accompaniment) Lesson 3

D Minor | Level 3 | Accompaniment

From Pop Music to Irish Music! Advanced Chordal Structures, Capo Technique and String…


The Rights of Man

Guitar Technique (Accompaniment) Lesson 4

E Minor | Level 3 | Accompaniment

Moveable Chords, Bass Runs


The Dingle Regatta

Guitar Technique (Accompaniment) Lesson 5

G Major | Level 3 | Accompaniment

Capo Technique, Strumming, Down-U[-Down Plectrum Motion


Boys of Malin

Guitar Technique (Accompaniment) Lesson 6

A Major | Level 3 | Accompaniment

Dead Strumming


Fig for A Kiss

Guitar Technique (Accompaniment) Lesson 7

E Minor | Level 3 | Accompaniment

Rock Style Accompaniment!

Slip Jig

Bill Sullivan's Polka

Guitar Technique (Accompaniment) Lesson 8

A Major | Level 3 | Accompaniment

Strumming For Polkas!


The Boys of Bluehill

Guitar Technique (Accompaniment) Lesson 9

D Major | Level 3 | Accompaniment

Single String Accompaniment / Pachabels Canon Chord Progression meets Trad!


Castle Kelly's

Guitar Technique (Accompaniment) Lesson 10

A Minor | Level 3 | Accompaniment

Single String Accompaniment, Dampening and Moving Bass Lines


Connacht Man's Rambles

Guitar Technique (Accompaniment) Lesson 11

D Major | Level 3 | Accompaniment

'Kiss Me' Chord Progression / Replacement Chords


The Golden Stud

Guitar Technique (Accompaniment) Lesson 12

E Minor | Level 3 | Accompaniment

Bothy Band and Planxty Rifts Using Power Chords!


The Man of Aran

Guitar Technique (Accompaniment) Lesson 13

B Minor | Level 3 | Accompaniment

James Brown, Calypso Rhythm and Dead Strums!


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