Irish Song Technique

Most of the repertoire taught in this twelve lesson course is from the Irish singing tradition. A few Scottish and English songs will also feature. There will be a mixture of well known and more unusual songs. Themes will include songs of emigration and exile, love songs and humorous songs. Along with the teaching of the songs, attention will also be paid to the following aspects of vocal technique: tone, breathing, ornamentation, phrasing and the improvement of vocal strength and range. By the end of the course, the student will have developed a broad and varied repertoire of Irish folk songs and will have a the ability to sing in the Irish style with appropriate use of ornamentation and phrasing.



Love is Teasing

Irish Song Technique: Lesson 1

C Minor | Level 1 | Melody

Using the Chest Voice / Song Ornamentation


Fair and Tender Ladies

Irish Song Technique: Lesson 2

F Major | Level 1 | Melody

Lung Capacity / Breathing / Song Ornamentation


P Stands for Paddy

Irish Song Technique: Lesson 3

A Minor | Level 1 | Melody

Ornamentation and Enunciation


The Rocks of Bawn

Irish Song Technique: Lesson 4

C Major | Level 1 | Melody

Ornamentation and Tonal Variation


Thousands Are Sailing

Irish Song Technique: Lesson 5

C Major | Level 1 | Melody

Exercises and Tips on How to Extend the Range of Your Voice


Bonnie Blue Eyed Nancy

Irish Song Technique: Lesson 6

E♭Major | Level 1 | Melody

Lung Capacity, Enunciation and Melodic Variation


Free and Easy For To Jog Along

Irish Song Technique: Lesson 7

B Major | Level 1 | Melody

Rhythm / Tone / Melodic Variation


I Once Loved A Lass

Irish Song Technique: Lesson 8

D Major | Level 1 | Melody

Deep Breathing / Holding Longer Phrases / How to Improve Lung Capacity


Two Sisters

Irish Song Technique: Lesson 9

B Major | Level 1 | Melody

Use of Vocables / Reaching Those High Notes!


The Leaving of Limerick

Irish Song Technique: Lesson 10

A Major | Level 1 | Melody

Exploration of Tone and Variation


Bold Fenian Men

Irish Song Technique: Lesson 11

B Minor | Level 1 | Melody

Lung Capacity / Phrasing / Rhythmic Lift


Do you love an Apple

Irish Song Technique: Lesson 12

A Major | Level 1 | Melody

Voice Ornamentation


The Bay of Biscay

Irish Song Technique: Lesson 13

B Major | Level 1 | Melody

Creating Colour and Variation in Phrase Endings and Phrase Shapes


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