Bodhrán Technique

In this course 'Bodhrán Technique', maestro percussionist Jim Higgins presents a range of rhythmical accompaniments to cover a variety of tune types - Reels, Jigs, Slipjigs, Slides, Polkas and Hornpipes. Over the course of the13 tutorials, Jim discusses and demonstrates many techniques that the learner Bodhrán player can add to his palette of techniques - rolls, backhand motion, the use of syncopation, the 'Bo Diddley Beat', and rim techniques to name but a few. As a drummer, he frequently discusses how to apply what can be done on a drum kit to the Bodhrán. The video tutorials are in a split screen format, so the learner can view the back hand as well as the forehand at all times. Jim Higgins, who hails from Renmore, Galway has been a member of 'The Stunning' and 'The Saw Doctors'. He spent four years touring with 'River Dance' and is a member of 'The Mairtín O'Connor Band' and also of Donegal band 'Altan. He has also played with Lunasá, Paul Brady and Christy Moore.



Beat to accompany a reel

Bodhrán Technique Lesson 1

D Major | Level 3 | Accompaniment

Short. In this lesson Jim will teach a funky beat to accompany a, medium paced reel.


Beat To Accompany A Hornpipe

Bodhrán Technique Lesson 2

Level 3 | Accompaniment

Hornpipe Rhythm


focus on the Jig rhythm

Bodhrán Technique Lesson 3

Level 3 | Accompaniment

Jig Rhythm


Continue to examine the jig rhythm

Bodhrán Technique Lesson 4

Level 3 | Accompaniment

Jig Rhythm and Patterns


Beat to accompany Slip jigs

Bodhrán Technique Lesson 5

Level 3 | Accompaniment

Slip Jig Rhythms

Slip Jig

Expand upon the reel beat

Bodhrán Technique Lesson 6

Level 3 | Accompaniment

Accompanying Reels / Creating Variation in Tone Production and Contrast and Variation…


How to accompany Slides and Polkas

Bodhrán Technique Lesson 7

Level 3 | Accompaniment

Accompanying Slides and Polkas


Focusing on hand technique

Bodhrán Technique Lesson 8

Level 3 | Accompaniment

Using the Hand as a Stick

Focus on Technique

Advanced development of the funky…

Bodhrán Technique Lesson 9

Level 3 | Accompaniment

Advanced Development of the Funky Reel Rhythm


How to strengthen the 'up beat'

Bodhrán Technique Lesson 10

Level 3 | Accompaniment

Strengthening the Up Beat

Focus on Technique

Rim Technique for both reels and…

Bodhrán Technique Lesson 11

Level 3 | Accompaniment

Rim Technique for Reels and Jigs


Bo Diddley Beats

Bodhrán Technique Lesson 12

Level 3 | Accompaniment

'Bo Diddley Beats'.


Various sticks and drums

Bodhrán Technique Lesson 13

Level 3 | Accompaniment

Exploring Different Types of Bodhráns and Percussion Instruments

Focus on Technique

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