Concertina Foundations

Concertina foundations is a course aimed at the player who already knows how to play the concertina but who wants to learn or improve on the basic foundations of concertina playing. These foundations include the use of alternate fingering patterns, basic grace-notes, an introduction to chords, double noting and variation. Most of the tunes taught in the course are picked from the repertoire of common session tunes enabling the learning concertina player to go to local music sessions and join in with confidence knowing that he/she will have tunes in common with other musicians. Each lesson will feature a new tune. After teaching the melody phrase by phrase, Ernestine demonstrates how  to incorporate ornamentation and various other techniques into the tune.




Concertina Foundations Lesson 1

G Major | Level 1 | Melody

The 'Press and Draw' Scale of G



The Road to Prizon

Concertina Foundations Lesson 2

C Major | Level 1 | Melody

Ornamentation: The Cut


The lilting Banshee

Concertina Foundations Lesson 3

A Minor | Level 1 | Melody

Cuts, Octave Playing and Chords


Ship in Full Sail

Concertina Foundations Lesson 4

G Major | Level 1 | Melody

Cuts, Chords, Octave Playing, Triplets and Variation


Maids of Glenroe

Concertina Foundations Lesson 5

G Major | Level 1 | Melody

Double Noting, Ornamentation and Variation


Five Mile Chase

Concertina Foundations Lesson 6

G Major | Level 1 | Melody

Double Noting, Ornamentation and Variation


The Upside Down Page

Concertina Foundations Lesson 7

G Minor | Level 1 | Melody

Chords, Emphasis and Rhythmic Lift!


The Boys of Bluehill

Concertina Foundations Lesson 8

D Major | Level 1 | Melody

Ornamentation and Double Noting


The Bird in the Cage

Concertina Foundations Lesson 9

G Major | Level 1 | Melody

The Roll


The Little Drummer Boy

Concertina Foundations Lesson 10

G Major | Level 1 | Melody

Rolls, Cuts, Triplets and Chords


Kitty got a Clinking at the Races

Concertina Foundations Lesson 11

G Major | Level 1 | Melody

Emphasis and Rhythmic Playing of Flings and Reels / Ornamentation


Palmer's Gate

Concertina Foundations Lesson 12

E Minor | Level 1 | Melody

Rolls, Triplets, Cuts and Chords


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