Clare Fiddle Styles

This is a lively collection of jigs, reels and hornpipes taught by the renowned Clare fiddler Tola Custy. Most of the thirteen tunes taught originate from Co. Clare, which Tola learnt from local players such as his father Frank Custy, Micho Russell, P.J. Crotty and James Cullinane. Tola also includes two of his own compositions in the course - these tunes are already becoming embedded in the local tradition and can be heard in sessions around the County Clare and further afield!

Tola takes a progressive approach towards teaching embellishments, the use of chords and variation. He starts by introducing simple techniques in the first lessons and builds on them in subsequent lessons. In each lesson, he teaches the tune simply, phrase by phrase before demonstrating how to incorporate various techniques into the tune. By the end of the course, the Fiddler will have a vibrant palette of fiddle skills and fiddle tunes to add to their repertoire!



Geese in the Bog

Clare Fiddle Styles Lesson 1

C Major | Level 2 | Melody

Ornamentation: Cuts


The Silver Spear

Clare Fiddle Styles Lesson 2

D Major | Level 2 | Melody

Bowing: The Bowed Triplet


The Kilfenora Slide

Clare Fiddle Styles Lesson 3

D Major | Level 2 | Melody

Chords and Double Stops


Cloudy Day Naviagation

Clare Fiddle Styles Lesson 4

A Major | Level 2 | Melody

Ornamentation: Slides. And Chords!


Fergus McTaggart's

Clare Fiddle Styles Lesson 5

A Major | Level 2 | Melody

Ornamentation: Rolls


The Yellow Wattle

Clare Fiddle Styles Lesson 6

D Mixolydian | Level 2 | Melody

Melodic Variation


Miss Galvin's

Clare Fiddle Styles Lesson 7

D Major | Level 2 | Melody

Rolls and Chords


Up Downey

Clare Fiddle Styles Lesson 8

E Minor | Level 2 | Melody

Melodic Variation


The Priest in His Boots

Clare Fiddle Styles Lesson 9

G Major | Level 2 | Melody

Ornamentation: Rolls, Slides and Triplets


Leaba Síoda

Clare Fiddle Styles Lesson 10

D Minor | Level 2 | Melody

Ornamentation: Slides, Rolls. Melodic Variation


Humours of Ballyconnell

Clare Fiddle Styles Lesson 11

A Mixolydian | Level 2 | Melody

Runs, Half Rolls, and Melodic Variation


Gan Ainm

Clare Fiddle Styles Lesson 12

B Minor | Level 2 | Melody

Harmonic Variation through the use of Chords


The Glen of Aherlow

Clare Fiddle Styles Lesson 13

E Minor | Level 2 | Melody

Ornamentation: Rolls, Triplets and Variation.


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