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Fiddle Lessons From OAIM

Preferred over the official name of violin, this instrument is the father of folk music and is one of the most recognised of musical instruments within the Irish music tradition.  It's ability to produce bouncy tempos, smooth seamless phrases and fast staccato passages within the tune melodies make it one of the most distinctive and versatile instruments in the tradition.   At OAIM we have a range of fiddle courses to suit different levels as well as tastes.  Fiddle basics courses given by Niamh Dunne  provides you with all the essentials to get you started. Majella then gives you the opportunity to expand your repertoire with her Fleadh Tunes for the Fiddle course. The student can then decide to study the relaxed music of Co. Clare under the guidance of Tola Custy or let Aidan O'Donnell lead you through the fiery fiddle music of Co. Donegal

OAIM Fiddle Courses

Fiddle Basics

This course is for the beginner fiddler. It begins with a series of six free lessons which teach how to hold the instrument, proper posture, bowing technique and two easy tunes. Good basic technique is addressed throughout the tutorials. OAIM’s unique, animated fiddle graphics supports the student and helps one to learn more efficiently. In the subsequent twelve lessons, there is a progressive study of fingering, bowing, tunes and ornamentation. Emphasis is placed on tempo, rhythm and tone when teaching the tunes. The 'Fiddle Basics' course will equip the beginner fiddle player with fourteen great tunes as well as all the [.. Read More]

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Fleadh Tunes for the Fiddle

You may be wondering 'What is a Fleadh tune'?  The Fleadh Cheoil (Festival of Music) is an Irish music competition organised by Comhaltas.  There are county, provincial and 'all-Ireland' levels of competition that take place in Britain, N. America and Ireland.  These all lead to the grand final 'The All Ireland Fleadh' which takes place in Ireland each August.  In this course, Majella teaches suitable tunes for competitors at the fleadh.  However, this course is geared not only at the Fleadh competitor, but also at any fiddle player who wants to learn tunes best suited to the fiddle. The course [.. Read More]

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Clare Fiddle Styles

This is a lively collection of jigs, reels and hornpipes taught by the renowned Clare fiddler Tola Custy. Most of the thirteen tunes taught originate from Co. Clare, which Tola learnt from local players such as his father Frank Custy, Micho Russell, P.J. Crotty and James Cullinane. Tola also includes two of his own compositions in the course - these tunes are already becoming embedded in the local tradition and can be heard in sessions around the County Clare and further afield! Tola takes a progressive approach towards teaching embellishments, the use of chords and variation. He starts by introducing simple [.. Read More]

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Donegal Fiddle Styles

In this course, Aidan passes down the skills, knowledge and repertoire from the great Donegal fiddlers to the fiddle students of OAIM. All the tunes taught are firmly rooted in the Donegal tradition; stalwarts such as 'The Glen Road to Carrick', 'Bundle and Go', 'The Cat that Kittled in Jamie's Wig' and 'Séan sa Cheo' feature amongst others. The fiddling and musical legacy of the Dohertys, the McConnells, James Byrne, Francie Dearg O'Beirn, Con Cassidy, Vincent Campbell and Danny Meehan are frequently referred to throughout Aidan's thirteen tutorials. Bowing techniques feature prominently - the use of the up-bow, tight bowing, [.. Read More]

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